Get up to 12 Months Free when you post a YouTube video or Write a review

Get up to 12 Months Free when you post a YouTube video or Write a review

Help me get the word out about SketchAndCalc™ and win the chance to have your license extended by up to 12 months.

Just email me a link to your Review or Video at:

Well written, high quality reviews and videos will be awarded a full 12 months license extension.

Current subscriber or not, only the best video/s and review/s each week will be selected, and I will award license extensions based on quality and value.

Video Guidelines

All videos:
• Should be a minimum of 2 minutes.
• Should remain live on YouTube for at least 12 months.
• Should be narrated (voice over) and it’s transcript typed into the description.
• Should demonstrate how and why you’re using SketchAndCalc.
• Should include ‘Area Calculator’ in the title.
• Should include these video keywords:
Area Calculator
Irregular Area Calculator
Calculate Irregular Area

Written Review Guidelines

Write a Review
All written reviews:

* Should be posted on a publically accessible website
* Should be focused on your niche and audience
* Should feature a catchy title (what problem are you trying to solve?)
* Should grab readers attention in the intro (tell a story or a joke, be empathetic, or grip the reader with an interesting fact or statistic).
* Should have clear points you’re trying to make.
* Should feature a screenshot or video and link.

If your video or review is chosen I will extend your dormant or active license by 12 months, and it will feature on the Blog here.


– Elliott

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